STUDIO DELUCCA is a custom jewelry studio in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. We spend our days (and nights!) dreaming of - and making - lovely jewels. We are open at the studio by appointment.

THE JEWELRY is fabricated by skilled hands and happy people, entirely in our studio. Our pieces are made exclusively of recycled silver and gold materials. We thoughtfully select our gems and other materials with the intent to support other artisans and fair labor practices. We are proud to offer a product built with integrity, of precious materials, in the United States.

OUR PASSIONS include protecting our oceans with Heal the Bay,  preserving California heritage with Rancho Los Alamitos, as well as supporting local charities focused on youth and education. We feel it is important to give back.

KHOBE DELUCCA is inspired by the beauty and smallest details in the world around her. She has been fascinated with small and precious objects her entire life. She is compelled to create.